As a proven brass player, musician and tutor at the highest levels Chris Turner is legendary throughout the brass band global community.
I have found that Online brass lessons have provided the ideal opportunity for me to gain the benefits of accessing Chris’ wide ranging wealth of successful top level experience with the convenience of lessons from my home.
I feel I have greatly benefited through online brass lessons gaining substantially improved confidence, playing ability and musical awareness over a comparatively short period of time that is directly attributable to Chris’s unbounded patient, friendly, positive, relaxed, hands-on, humorous, down-to-earth, helpful tutorship that he provides within a supportively challenging and professionally structured learning approach. Overall – top rate and highly recommended.
 Trevor J Heynes
Cornet (late learner)
Onlinebrasslessons student since Sept 2014
Sidmouth, Devon, UK

My experience with Chris Turner and online lessons has been outstanding.   I have been searching for the best cornet players to study with and since the UK has the best brass bands it only made sense to start there. The online lesson is the perfect solution because I live across the pond in Washington, DC.

Chris is a brilliant teacher with a positive, patient, analytical and encouraging method of teaching. Chris also teaches by providing models of excellence through his fantastic playing.

I am very excited to study with such a talented musician through the medium of Online Brass Lessons.


Walt Lewis

Washington, DC

I have found these online lessons to be a great learning tool. I’ve been playing for approx 3 years, for the first 2 and a half years I tried to teach my self which meant I had picked up lots of bad habits and suffered in range, endurance and playability due to incorrect methods. From day one with my lessons with Chris I’ve been shown where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to improve as a player.  Having the lessons online makes it more convenient as i’m not travelling for lessons and also means I can be tutored in my home through the internet by someone of Chris’s Quality. Through the online connection Chris is able to pick up on everything as if he was in the same room like any visual embouchure problems, tounging techniques and the quality of the sound. Someone once said to me that you should get the best teacher possible if you want to improve and that’s what you get with Chris, I couldn’t recommend these online lessons enough.
Steve Butcher
South Wales

Chris is fantastic and I am proud to have him as my teacher! His experience of playing at the highest level has given him all the expertise and knowledge to be able to solve or work around any problems or difficulties I have with my playing. In the 9 months I have been receiving lessons, Chris has supported me through my grade 5 ABRSM cornet exam and successfully made adjustments to my embouchure. Chris is always very positive, friendly and enthusiastic when teaching, which has inspired me to practice much more.
Thank you,
Will Jones


I have really enjoyed the lessons. It is great to have them in the comfort of one’s own home without a long drive to the city and search for a parking place. The dates and times are booked well in advance so that they can be scheduled around holidays etc and I’ve never had any trouble paying by Paypal. There are also no interruptions from the next pupil or people looking for things in the room.

Chris is very organised and I appreciate the continuity from one lesson to the next and the fact that he makes notes and lesson plans, so that everything is very personal.  Best of all, even I have noticed the improvement I’ve made, and my teacher here is full of praise and interest in what I’ve been working on with Chris.

I hope to be able to continue with the online lessons indefinitely.

Thank you for everything Chris.


Southern Ireland

 Through a brass band forum, I got in touch with Chris and signed-up for a series of five online lessons that were scheduled at a time of the week that suited me. This was the best decision I ever made.
Initially, knowing Chris’s background and the successes that he has had in banding, I felt extremely nervous and ashamed at my standard of playing. However, Chris made me feel totally at ease, and began by looking at and listening to my playing and coming up with a series of observations about why I might not be reaching my potential. He explained, in a very straightforward manner, the five most important aspects of playing a brass instrument, and assigned to me a series of exercises that would help me to improve in each of these five areas.
Without having a teacher in whom I had total confidence and to whom I could hand over the responsibility of setting exercises for me, advising me how to play them, and giving me feedback and progress reports, I think I would have simply wasted ever-increasing amounts of time being stuck in a rut, feeling like I was hitting against an obstacle that I couldn’t see, and, to be honest, I probably would have packed it all in. Instead, what Chris has done is made me think about what I am doing and why I am doing it in the way I am doing it. And to top it all, in an instant during a lesson, he can reach for his own cornet and demonstrate precisely how he wants me to play – this ability of the teacher to practice what they preach gives such confidence to a student.
For somebody like me, with a busy work-life and a very young family, it would be impossible to access music teachers of any type, let alone one of the outstanding quality of Chris; but, to be able to utilize online technology and to effectively bring such a teacher into your own home at a time of your own choosing is a marvelous thing and means that everyone can now access world-class tuition. Lessons with Chris have completely re-energized my love for playing a musical instrument; his very friendly manner coupled with his own outstanding successes as a musician have meant that I didn’t even need to think twice about signing up for another suite of lessons so that I can continue improving and become that best that I can be.